Ecommerce Websites (OSCommerce/Magento)

We have 15 best reasons that helps you understand about our services and what you get from us.

1. Your Ecommerce website will be ready in 24Hours.

Yes that’s true. Upon receiving your payment, our development team will set up a new account for you and will have the website ready for you in 24 hours with your chosen template. You will be receiving an email with all the information and instructions on how to use your website.You can start adding your products and contents on your website within 24 hours.

2. Dedicated Project Manager & Support staff for each account.

Every customer of us will have a dedicated Project Manager and a support staff. So, you can send all your requests, issues to the dedicated staff alloted for your account who will have a complete knowledge about your website. You will have a dedicated Project Manager for your account who will be handling your account right from the day you start with us.Once the account is set up you will receive an email with all the contact information.
You will also receive welcome emails from your Project Manager and Support Staff.

3. Do we have sufficient experience?

We have been in this business since 1998 and we are one of the top Ecommerce solution provider from New York and we have very experienced Programmers and Support staff who have handled thousands of websites.

4. What we have done so far?

We have provided over 2000 Ecommerce solutions all over the world so far. We have vast experience on different payment gateways that helps the customers across the world to set up their ecommerce websites with us.

5. 40+ Free Templates and 50+ Premium Templates chose from

You can chose one of the template from our collection and your website will be set up with that template and if you changed your mind to change the template, you can email us before the set up is done.

6. We provide free Online Marketing tips on weekly basis

We have an experienced Online marketing Team who will be providing you with useful tips every week which you can see directly on the dashboard of your Admin Panel. These tips will help you promote your products and get your website listed on top search engines and also get potential buyer traffic to your website.

7. Free SSL and set up (1 year)

SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer and this certificate provides a secured medium so, your website will be trusted by your customers and they can purchase products on your website.

8. One Free Dedicated IP (1 year)

Along with a SSL certificate every Ecommerce website needs a dedicated IP Address and you dont have to worry about this as, we will be providing you this for free with your Initial set up.

9. Free Domain & Domain Transfer

If you do not have a domain name of your own , we can buy your desired domain(basic) for you without any fee and we will be managing the domain for you as long as you are with us.
If you have your own domain name then, you need to send us the details once the website is set up. So, we can transfer it and make your website live.

10. Free Merchant Service Set up

All the Business transactions between the buyer and the Merchant in an ecommerce business are done through a Merchant service and this is one of the essential process which many merchant service providers charge hundreds of dollars for this set up but, we do not want our customers to go through all these processes and want them to just concentrate on their business so, we will be taking care of these things.

11. Free Payment Gateway Set Up

Again this is also one of the important set up for every Ecommerce business and you don’t have to worry about it. You just need to let us know which Payment Gateway you want us to set up from our Payment Gateway list. Your Project Manager will be contacting you regarding these set up’s.

12. Free Google Apps Email Set Up(10 Accounts).

If you do not have your own Email system then, we can provide you with this service for free. We use Google Apps as Email service which has some Great features like Google Email,Docs,Calendar.
We can set up 10 email accounts for free and if you need more than 10 email accounts then, you have to go for Google Apps Business account. You can contact your Project Manager to know more about this service.

13. Free Google Analytics Account Set Up

Every Business needs to track their customers information like where they are coming from and which products they are looking for and how much traffic you are getting on your website and Google Analytics provide all this information and this is one of the complicated set up but, our Online Marketing Team can do the complete set up for your website for free.

14. Easy to use Admin Panel with all the required modules

You can manage your website contents,products and lot of other stuff from our easy to use Admin Panel. There are hundreds of modules which usually carry charges but, we will be providing you with all the basic and required modules so, you can control most of the website functions from your Admin Panel except a few which need our Technical staff support.

15. Free Template change upon completing 1 Year with us.

If you want to change the look of your website, you can send us a request to change your website template after finishing 1 year with us.You can chose one of the template from our collection and we will be adding more and more templates to our collection so, you will have a lot of options.


Monthly hosting fee is a fee collected in order to host all your website files. The basic support for your website is also included in your hosting fee and there are a lot of other services that we provide which usually are much expensive if you are going for a separate hosting service. The features that we provide include

1. Unlimited Bandwidth with high-speed connection.
2. Unlimited Disk Space
3. No Long-Term contracts
4. 99.9% uptime guarantee
5. Free Anti-Spam
6. Free Anti-Virus
7. 24/7/365 Customer Support
8. Reliable,Stable and Secured Servers
9. Free Backup(Monthly)
10.Regular Updates & Upgrades without any downtime
11.Unlimited sub domains can be added any time.
12.Your 2nd website hosting with us will be just $30/month and 3rd one for just $20/month.

We hope, this will give you the complete overview of our services which are unique and cannot be found anywhere else and the most important feature is the dedicated support for each account which most of them cannot provide.