Web and Mobile Apps

Dreamsedge Studios build custom web apps and mobile apps (see blog What are web and mobile apps? ). “Web apps” are best suited to applications where you want to be able to make information available to either a wide group of people or to a smaller group of people who need to access it from several different highly mobile locations.

“Mobile Apps” are apps that run on mobile phones. They may, or may not be “web apps”. The web element is what makes them “connected” in some way. Many mobile apps are also web apps, but mobile apps can also be stand alone, personal apps – that don’t require you to connect to the internet to work.

Web and mobile apps can really help your business or organisation work better. If you have a particular organisational issue you would like us create a web solution for or a creative idea for a new mobile app then email us today. We would be delighted to discuss your idea with you and help create a web or mobile solution tailored to your needs.