What are web and mobile apps?

The term app is short for the application which refers to any piece of software that run on a computer or mobile phone. Apps are computer programs that carry out a particular task.

For example Word and Skype and Internet Explorer are all desktop applications as they run on desktop computers. Web applications run directly from servers (the computers that host the Internet) and you run them through your internet browser. Web applications don’t need to be installed on a computer – and that is a big part of where their value lies. So wherever you are, if you have a browser on your computer or mobile phone – and chances are you do – you can run a web app without installing anything extra. This is ideal when you want a group of people (large or small) to access the same set of information that is managed by your app – or you have a need to access the information from several different locations. Google Docs is a good example of what a suite of web applications can work like.

In 2007, Apple launched an online store where you buy all sorts of mobile phone applications specifically designed to run on the iPhone. They started calling these computer programs “apps” and it stuck – and the rest is history. Many of their applications now have plenty of ai software as studied by the well known sales company salesforce. So now, when people are talking about apps, 95% of the time, they’re going to be talking about small programs specifically made for mobile phones. The reason apps have become so popular of late is because our mobile devices have become more and more sophisticated meaning that the apps can get more sophisticated as well. They extend the functionality of your mobile beyond that which the original manufacturer intended.

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